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Towson University - Documentary by TU’s Jena Burchick featured at Maryland Film Festival

Written by Rebecca Kirkman, Towson University covered "Mom & M" for its premiere at the Maryland Film Festival on May 23, 2021. An expert can be read here:

"Initially, she envisioned a short film highlighting transgender artists in the Baltimore community. But after meeting Elise and Nikki Richard during the casting process, her plans changed. 'Once I met them and filmed with them and met Sansa, their daughter, I realized their story couldn’t be captured in a short film,' says Burchick who made up the crew of one during filming. 'I shifted gears and decided I would follow them for a full calendar year, filming from August 2018 to December 2019.' "

"Mom & M"

Directed by Jena Burchick

Produced in Association with Lux Daze Media

Co-Produced by Tyler C. Peterson & Mei Lin Lau Mann

Co-Produced by Jessica Baroody-Sadda

Associate Produced by Serious Grip & Electric

Cinematography by Jena Burchick

Edited by Jena Burchick

Music by ellen cherry

Starring Nikki Richard, Elise Richard and Sansa Richard

For press inquires contact:


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