Digital Feature Film

Coming in 2021

"Elise (Mom) and Nikki (M) are young, millennial parents who prove that humor and love can make it through nearly everything and that family is deeper than blood. It is a choice. 


Together they navigate what happens when your partner comes out as transgender while caring for an ill child and that remission is not the end to life’s challenges." 

Directed by Jena Burchick

Produced in Association with Lux Daze Media

Co-Produced by Tyler C. Peterson & Mei Lin Lau Mann

Co-Produced by Jessica Baroody-Sadda

Associate Produced by Serious Grip & Electric

Cinematography by Jena Burchick

Edited by Jena Burchick

Music by ellen cherry

Starring Nikki Richard, Elise Richard and Sansa Richard

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