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IndieWire: Colman Domingo and Andrew Haigh to Be Honored at Provincetown Film Festival 2024 — See the Full Lineup

Written by Samantha Bergeson, IndieWire released the festival line up for Provincetown International Film Festival 2024, which includes Stan Behavior.

An expert can be read here: "We’re proud to once again shine a bright spotlight on films that speak to the interests and passions of our audience,” Director of Programming Andrew Peterson said. “From comedies and dramas to films that tackle social justice, environmental and political topics to documentaries that profile artists and activists, there’s something for everyone.”

Stan Behavior follows local drag queen Goldie Hon, played by the world-renowned Ginger Minj. After a series of demeaning audience interactions at her weekly gig, Goldie commiserates with peers Cutie Pie (Heidi N Closet) and Belle Bottom (Marta BeatChu), determining that it’s time for them to unionize. Seeking legal counsel to move forward, Goldie meets with a lawyer (Yvonne Zima) discovered via an online legal forum, introduced to her as “Acquittal Queen”. Goldie’s situation turns dicey when Acquittal Queen is revealed to be an unhinged drag fan, and kidnaps Goldie to have her own in-home queen. Goldie’s road to gaining respect as an entertainment professional has just gotten a bit more complicated.

The Academy Award-qualifying Provincetown International Film Festival will be held from June 12 - 16, 2024.

"Stan Behavior"

Writer & Director: Tyler C. Peterson

Producer: Eric Michael Kochmer

Executive Producers: Tyler C. Peterson, Anthony Hand

Consulting Producer: Marc Smolowitz

Associate Producer: Ginger Minj

Starring: Ginger Minj, Yvonne Zima, Heidi N Closet, Marta BeatChu

Cinematographer: Amanda Ferrarese

Production Designer: Bex Karnofski

Editor: Tyler C. Peterson

Composer: Jeanne-Peri Foucault

Casting Director: Emily Cook

For press inquiries contact:

For festival inquires contact: 


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