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"Summer Hill" Wins Best Narrative Short at North Beach American Film Festival 2019

Lux Daze Media's "Summer Hill" was awarded Best Narrative Short at the North Beach American Film Festival 2019. To accept the award on June 23, 2019 was the film's writer and director, Tyler C. Peterson. Peterson, along with Amanda Ferrarese (Cinematographer) and Mei Lin Lau Man (Producer), were in attendance for the film's screening on June 21 at the opening night waterfront reception.

"Summer Hill"

Written & Directed by Tyler C. Peterson

Produced by Mei Lin Lau Mann

Cinematography by Amanda Ferrarese

Production Design by Laura Gede

Edited by Tyler C. Peterson

Music by Amanda Ferrarese & Nick Gorey


Aryamar Colon-Pappaterra, Molly Cohen, Griffin DeLisle, Nicole Sliwka, Heather Bounds, Michal Roxie Johnson, Sarah Sickels & Jimi Kinstle

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